Before death takes away what is given, give away all there is to give

7th August 2023, will be 1 year to the day Ivan Bayross left us.

It is a day of remembrance of his journey on earth.

We need your help in this endeavor.

We are creating a memorial website that displays all the love and memories of everyone who knew him.

If you’ll have any memories, anecdotes, or tributes you’d like to contribute please the form below.

Ideally, we would like it if they could be in video format, but written tributes and pictures will do as well.

Let’s revisit all the lovely memories associated with Ivan Bayross.

Please feel free to upload any old photos of him as well.


Chriselle Bayross

(Late) Ivan Bayross
(Late) Ivan Bayross

Share your Memories Associated with (Late) Ivan Bayross